Metal Awnings

A look at today's most popular metal awning choices

Metal AwningsIf you’re considering a metal awning, then you are probably already aware of the great addition an awning will make to your home, commercial office building or patio. Both appealing to the eye and economically advantageous, awnings are always a good choice.

Although there are many options available when it comes to the material of your metal awning, copper is the best of the best when it comes to appearance, performance, and long-lasting strength.  Their long lasting protection provides shade from harmful sunlight and adds natural colors such as bronze, green and blue to your exterior. » Shop copper awnings now.

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Crescent City Copper is a sheet metal manufacturer - which means that any of the products you see on our website can be manufactured out of alumimun, metal or copper.  Please contact us for custom pricing or installation questions.

Why Choose Metal for an Awning?

Over time, metal awnings and canopies are generally able to withstand the elements better than the retractable cloth fabrics or wood alternatives. Wood and cloth are weaker materials, and as such awnings constructed from them require more maintenance and wear out more quickly. If metal is the obvious choice, then what makes copper so much better than the other options for metal awnings?

Types of Metal Awnings

Iron and Steel

While certainly beautiful, iron and steel are much heavier and more awkward to work with than copper. The nature of these metals makes it more difficult to mold them into the many shapes and subtle variations available in copper awnings. Additionally, these heavier metals are more expensive than copper, making them a costlier material for metal awnings.


The cheapest and lightest material for metal awning construction, aluminum is a very common choice for metal awnings. However, aluminum comes in a limited range of styles and is less aesthetically appealing than copper.


The Clear Leader in Metal Awnings.  Copper has the greatest stylistic potential of all the metal options as well as the economic appeal of aluminum. It is the most durable material of all three, making it the most certain long-term value for your investment.

The unique nature of the patina that forms over the awnings provides a one-of-a-kind appearance as well as a barrier to environmental wear and tear.  This natural finish ensures it never needs painting as the patina provides a protective coating instead.

The features of metal awnings including natural finish, low maintenance, high quality material and unmatched durability make a great addition to any residential setting!

Copper awnings come in an incredible range shapes and sizes to cover most areas, from classic and traditional to innovative and contemporary. Explore the many options available in copper awnings from Crescent City Copper, or contact our friendly staff for more information. 

Invest in your home

Metal awnings are a great investment to protect the exterior doors and windows on your house from sun and rain.  There are a lot of metal options, including iron or steel, aluminum and copper to suit most types of architectural structures.  If you’re interested in combining functionality, style and value, then copper awnings stand out as the best option. 

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Article by: Andre' Savoie

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