Permanent Awnings

Why Permanent Awnings Make Good Sense For Your Home or Business

Looking for a long term solution to protection from wind, sun and rain? If so we recommend you take a close look at the different style of permanent awnings made from metals such as copper and aluminum.

A Few of the Most Popular Permanent Awnings We Carry

Crescent City Copper carries the following styles of fixed awnings that come standard with your choice of iron bracket:

fixed awnings with iron bracket  fixed awnings with iron bracket
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 fixed awnings with iron bracket  fixed awnings with iron bracket
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The 2 Most Common Types of Permanent Awnings:

Most awnings that are considered permanent will be made from metal in the form of either aluminum or copper. Permanent awnings are fixed in one position (as opposed to retractable or roll-able) and mounted either directly to the wall or with the help of brackets.  Permanent awnings will most likely cost more initially, but this has to be considered a long term investment as they should not have to be replaced as frequently as fabric awnings.

1. Aluminum Awnings:alumnimum awning

Aluminum is the most common type of permanent awning you will find. They are popular on both homes and businesses and can be made to fit a number of styles and applications.

One of the most common uses for the aluminum awning is as a carport. These are usually very well made and are built so that water runs right off of them if they are flat into a gutter system.

There are however a few limitations with aluminum awnings. The first is that they may be easily damaged, potentially leading to higher upkeep costs because even the slightest bump can cause a dent. Another issue is their somewhat limited curb appeal. Aluminum awnings are known for their low cost and protective qualities but not necessarily as a “designer addition” to a home or business.

permanent awning2. Copper Awnings:

Copper awnings
come in where aluminum falls short – having all of the same qualities of durability and protection, but adding that “designer touch” to the permanent awning. Copper is a natural material that provides a unique look and feel for almost any structure – but works especially well with historic buildings, commercial buildings and higher-end residential construction.

Copper awnings come in a number of shapes and sizes to suit almost any potential application ranging from traditional Victorian style to French style and everything in between. They can be mounted directly to the structure or affixed using iron brackets with a scroll or spear style. They also change color over time as they develop patina which accents their natural look.

Why Stay Away From Replaceable Fabric Awnings?

The word “awning” often brings to mind traditional fabric awnings. The issues that you may run into with fabric awnings are that they tend to fade and are more easily damaged by wind, rain and other outdoor elements. The solution to this is a permanent awning that fits your design needs, is installed once and offers little or no maintenance with years of enjoyment.

Permanent Awnings – A Long Term Investment

If you are ready to break the cycle of regularly replacing fabric awnings, one of these types of permanent metal awnings can be a great alternative. And while they may cost more in the beginning, the long term savings make them a smart investment for most applications. And if the cost savings aren’t enough, consider the additional protection from sun, wind and rain that you will get as permanent metal awnings provide.

Article by: Andre’ Savoie.

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